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We explain what HappyMod is, how to install it on your mobile and how to download the best games and apps for Android. Google Play is the best known store for downloading apps and games on Android, but there's a lot of life beyond.

In this guide we want to talk at length and in depth about HappyMod, a store with which you can download thousands of modified Android apps and games for free. First of all we will explain what HappyMod is exactly, how it works and how you can install it on your Android devices.

After the initial explanation, you will be able to learn how to download the best modified games and apps for Android, because yes, we anticipate that your favorite games are in HappyMod.

What is HappyMod and how it works

HappyMod is an online platform where users can request, download and test more than 30.000 mods for free (modifications) of applications and games for Android.

HappyMod managers are not responsible for mod development, they come from the Internet. The main goal of the platform is that all changes uploaded to the platform work 100%.

Therefore, the procedure is as follows: users and editors upload the mods of the apps and games on HappyMod, the rest of the users test them and comment their opinions for, finally, choose the best modifications of an app.

When you search for an app or game on HappyMod, you may find that its mod doesn't really exist or is out of date. To solve, on the platform they give you the option to request a mod for a game or app, or of request an update to be able to continue using the modification does not work.

In short, HappyMod is a focused platform on offering you the best free game mods and apps for android. Do you have the courage to try it?

How to download and install HappyMod

The first thing you need to do in order to be able to access the HappyMod app and game mods is download and install the store on your Android mobile or tablet, a free trial.

To do this, you must have unknown sources activated to install apps that don't come from the Play Store. Once this step is completed, the process you need to go through is to install the APK files on Android. Step by step, so you can download and install HappyMod for free:

  1. Download the APK file dal sito Web HppyMod. Mirror 1, mirror 2
  2. Open the APK file of HappyMod on your Android mobile or tablet.
  3. Click on the option "Install" to start the installation on the device. After a few seconds, the process will be finished and you can open HappyMod without problems.

How to download modified HappyMod games and apps

Once the app is installed, you just have to do click the HappyMod icon to access this huge mod store of free android apps and games. To search for an app, you can use the options in the top bar (featured, Games, Apps and Categories) or search for it directly in the search engine.

By clicking on a game or app, you will access the Mods section of its main page. In it you can find all app mods you can download, as well as information in orange about the changes this file includes compared to the original game or app.

If you click on "Original" you will be able to download the application or game in its original version, without any modification, while in "Request" you can ask the editorial staff for any changes to the mod.

If the application or game interests you, you just have to do click on the "Download" button to download it to your Android phone. But beware, it is possible that, for security reasons, your phone does not allow you to install applications from HappyMod. Change the permissions to accept app installation from the store and you can continue with the game installation.

Step by step, below we explain how to download modified HappyMod games and apps:

  1. Open the HappyMod app.
  2. Find the mod of the game or app you want to download. In our case we chose the Clash of Clans mod.
  3. Click the button green "Download"  that appears under the mod, the download will begin.
  4. Once the download is complete, installation of the mod it will start automatically and, after a few seconds, you will be able to open the mod of the game or app downloaded from HappyMod.

Some games and apps available

In HappyMod you can find modifications of the most popular games and apps of the moment. Who knows, maybe these mods include some of the changes you had thought of for your favorite games.

One of the games you can download on HappyMod is Among Us, with mods to enjoy an unlimited number of emergency meetings, change the player menu, remove ads or make chat always visible.

Other important titles are Roblox, with modification of the wall and teleportation; Candy crush saga, with mod so that the purchase of the goods is free; Minecraft, with mods for premium skins; or Real Racing 3, where many mods focus on having unlimited money.

In HappyMod you can also download against for free from apps like Facebook, to have Messenger enabled within the app; Instagram, to add an unfollower tracker; or TikTok, to download videos without watermarks.

Is it safe to download HappyMod games and apps?

All mod uploads on HappyMod come manually reviewed and approved. After that approval, the mods are tested by the users, who choose those 100% reliable.

Therefore, if you can download app and game mods from this platform, you can trust that it is safe and it does not jeopardize the security of the terminal on which you will install it.

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