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There is hardly time to recover from captivity in Marguerite's bedroom, as new horrors await us in the Baker house known in Resident Evil 7. Just a week after the release of the first paid add-on titled Confidential Videos Vol. 1, Capcom has in fact published Vol. 2, thus offering further material to those who have had the opportunity to enjoy the company of Jack and his cheerful family. As in the first package, three different contents await us to offer us as many gaming experiences, more or less linked to what we saw in Resident Evil 7. But let's not waste any more time: let's find out what the developers have reserved for us this time.

Resident Evil 7 Confidential Movies are enhanced with three modes in Vol. 2: Are you ready?

Blackjack col morto

As in the case of its predecessor, Confidential Movies Vol. 2 features two of its contents in the form of VHS videotapes, similar to those found by Ethan in the Baker house during the main adventure.

The first tape of this second volume is called Twenty-one and sees the return of poor Clancy, already forced to face Micomorphs in the Baker basement and to contend with Marguerite's dinner in Vol. 1. In this case the show operator Sewer Gators is prey to Lucas' sick games, also widely known within the base mode of Resident Evil 7. Following once again the ruthless line drawn by Saw - The Riddler, this time the young Baker has decided to organize a very special game of blackjack, in which the very lives of those who take part in it are at stake. Together with Clancy we find in fact another masked protagonist, to beat to save his life: each lost hand corresponds to an increasingly bloody corporal punishment, up to the final act that ends the life of the protagonist or the other controlled player. from the CPU. The combination of Resident Evil 7 and blackjack therefore offers bread for the teeth of those who love this card game, to which Capcom has however decided to add a little more spice. Compared to the basic rules of the game it is in fact possible to obtain special cards, which if played allow you to obtain bonuses of various kinds such as winning at 24 instead of 21, drawing a card with a certain number or forcing the opponent to return to the bank the last card obtained. By completing the Twenty-one mode several times it is possible to unlock additional difficulty levels, thus obtaining a little more longevity from a mode that remains confined to itself from a narrative point of view.


Beyond a few small elements dedicated to Clancy and Lucas, Twenty-one does not reveal anything particular about the plot of Resident Evil 7. In the Confidential Movies Vol. 2 package this role belongs at least on paper to the second VHS, bearing the eloquent title Daughters. Eloquent at least for those who have had the opportunity to complete the story of Resident Evil 7, which of course we advise you to do before approaching this additional content. In fact, Daughters tells us about Eveline's arrival at the Baker house, and the gradual spread of horror among the members of the family.

Even if only for a few moments, We therefore get to know Jack, Marguerite and Lucas before they become the monsters we saw in Resident Evil 7, while the player plays the role of Zoe, daughter of the Baker who in Resident Evil 7 offers its support to the protagonist Ethan. The game mechanics are different from the series of puzzles seen in the second VHS of Confidential Films Vol. 1, entitled The Room, although as in the latter Zoe has no weapon on which to rely. While the rest of her family seems prey to some weird madness, Zoe can't help but try to escape Jack and Marguerite's grasp, hiding near the house to plan her moves. Depending on the choices made in the course of the story it is possible to unlock two different endings, both "bad" but in a single case actually linked to the story told in Resident Evil 7. The only elements of replayability are offered by a series of details that act as I accompany the story of Daughters, which on the whole is unfortunately not as memorable as we hoped on the eve. The short duration (about a quarter of an hour) makes it seem a bit pulled away, too much if we consider the attention to detail placed by Capcom in a main adventure that in this case is not equaled. Those who hoped on the eve of being able to delve deeper into the setting of Resident Evil 7 will therefore be a bit disappointed, even if from a qualitative point of view, Daughters still offers an experience that deserves to be tried.

Happy birthday!

Continuing with the similarities between Confidential Films Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, the latest mode offered by this second pack is the one that celebrates Jack's 55th birthday. In it, the player controls Mia, who is busy feeding the Baker householder within a set amount of time.

To do this he must cross various areas of the house located in Dulvey, collecting various types of food but above all dealing with the numerous Micomorphs present between rooms and corridors, dressed for the occasion with hats and other party hats. In practice, Jack's 55th birthday looks like a fun encounter between the previous Nightmare and Ethan Must Die DLCs, from which he inherits the ability to get bonuses between one attempt and another to complete everything in the shortest possible time. By killing enemies, it is possible to buy time not to make Jack angry, unlocking any access to additional areas where he can go and collect food. In conclusion, we can say that we were satisfied with this Vol. 2, even if a little less than the Vol. 1. The latter also has the economic aspect on its side, since the price of Vol. 2 has been increased to 14,99 , XNUMX euros compared to the 9,99 euros needed to take home the first premium package. Inexplicably in our opinion, also considering the offer is very similar in quantitative terms. While waiting to learn more about the third and final part of the Season Pass, the full payment at 29,99 euros remains the most convenient way to get all the content of Resident Evil 7.


Tested version PlayStation 4 Digital Delivery Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store Price 14,99 € / 29,99 €

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