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    "Handyman" Trophy Guide

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    Killzone Shadow Fall: Guide to Fully Upgrade All Skills [PS4]


    The way to unlock e maximize all skills multiplayer Killzone Shadow Fall it's long, very long. For the most passionate completists and for those who want to give their opponents a hard time playing online, let's see how to do it.

    "Handyman" Trophy Guide

    This Killzone Shadow Fall trophy asks you to maximize all the skills found in the game's online mode. Obviously, upgrading these skills will not only serve you to unlock the achievement, but also to make your character more powerful in multiplayer games. In total we have 11 skills to upgrade: 3 for the class Recon, 3 for the class Assault and 5 for the class Support. Each of them can be raised from level 1 to level 11 (the maximum).

    In order to level up the various skills, you need to complete a series of challenges. Most of these challenges are not difficult, but getting to the highest level will take you quite a bit of time, considering the numbers required to get to the last level of each challenge.

    Below are the challenges to complete associated with each skill. To get to level 11 (the maximum) of a specific skill you will need to make the total of kills or other tasks indicated below:

    To see your progress with these challenges, go to "Career" in the multiplayer menu. Remember that challenge scores are not counted when playing in custom games with Bots enabled. Consult the fact sheet Killzone Shadow Fall cheats for other guides on this game.


    • Tactical Echo - Tag 500 enemy players
    • Cloak - Kill 400 enemy players with the Disguise ability active
    • Stun Drone - Stun 300 enemies


    • Nano Shield - Kill 300 enemy players by shooting through the shield
    • Stun Blast - Stun 500 enemy players with the Stun Blast ability
    • Drone Buddy - Get 300 kills with the Drone Buddy


    • Revive Drone - Revive 500 teammates with the Revive Drone
    • Spawn Beacon - Have 200 teammates reborn from the Spawn Beacons you have placed
    • Turret - Kill 400 enemy players with the turret
    • Air Support - Kill 400 enemy players with the Air Support Drone
    • Supply Box - Supply 250 squadmates with the supply crates you have thrown
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