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    Halo Reach: how to see Master Chief in the finale

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    Halo Reach: how to see Master Chief in the finale

    Easter Egg dedicated to the legendary Master Chief

    How to see Master Chief in the final sequence

    In the final sequence of Halo Reach it is possible to see Master Chief beautiful and asleep in his cryogenic capsule (remember that Reach is temporally earlier than all the Halo). It is not an alternative ending, you simply have to "turn around" to look at it.

    Select the mission "The Pillar of Autumn". Difficulty set to normal and started. After fighting all the Phantoms with the laser cannon you will see the Pillar of Autumn take off and an intermission scene will begin. Press and hold the right analog stick to the right. When the Pelican arrives in your ship the camera will move by itself to the right and you can see our beloved Master Chief hibernating and packaged in his Mark V armor.

    Below we propose a video that shows the final sequence with the attached Master Chief. Obviously, if you haven't finished the game yet and you don't want to ruin the plot, ABSOLUTELY AVOID WATCHING THE VIDEO BECAUSE IT CONTAINS SPOILERS.

    We have warned you


    Halo Reach ending sequence (mega SPOILER)
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    Don't see the video? Click here
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