Halo 4 - How to see the face of the Master Chief and the secret ending

Halo 4 - How to see the face of the Master Chief and the secret ending


Boni, don't worry !!! The text does NOT contain SPOILERS

The article is only to warn the most distracted that in Halo 4 there is also a "alternate" secret ending that you won't see the first time you complete the game's campaign.

Yes, because to see this short sequence placed after the credits you have to complete Halo 4 on Legendary difficulty, that is the maxim. For those who have already played the previous chapters on this difficulty, they already know that it is not an easy task, so I recommend that you try, if possible, together with a friend in a cooperative. If you get stuck in some very difficult spot, follow our video solution on Legendary difficulty to see how to overcome it.

Now, if you are feeling too lazy to take on such a tough challenge, know that you are missing out on the chance to glimpse the face of the Master Chief, which has never happened since Halo debuted on the first Xbox.

If even that can't convince you, then you can always watch the following video showing the secret ending we're talking about:





starting the video you will see the Halo 4 secret alternate ending which is ONLY unlocked by completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty.

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Halo 4 - What is unlocked by completing the game on Legendary difficulty ❯
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