Halo 4 - How to see the double rainbow [Easter Egg]

Halo 4 - How to see the double rainbow [Easter Egg]


Honestly, I still haven't quite figured out what the hell happened with this double rainbow.

Assuming you can actually see it (rarely occurs, but I saw one no more than 3 months ago, it was really cool, but I just didn't find the pot of gold, probably because someone else had passed before me ,,,, ok enough commas) now it seems a fashion to put in video games I'm blessed double rainbow.

Developers of Halo 4 they did not let themselves be begged, and after Diablo 3, Borderlands 2, COD Black OPS and certainly someone else, here is that even Master Chief can enjoy his beautiful vaporific landscape.

If you want to see it too, go about halfway through mission 5 and look towards the waterfall. Or, watch the video below

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