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    Halo 4 - Guide to find all terminals [Terminus]

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    Halo 4 - Guide to find all terminals [Terminus]


    Woooooaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! Halo 4 is here !!!! All readyiiiiii ???

    (cheering crowd) "Yeeahhhhhh"

    Ok, I would say that at this point we can also consider ourselves ready to go with this very first guide on Halo 4. And yes, dear boxaro people really arrived, and we immediately dive into the alien lands in search of the collectible terminals that we will have to find to unlock the Objective

    Terminus - Find all Campaign Terminals.

    Starting from the second mission (in the first there are none), the terminals to be found are 7 in total. Below I propose a video showing the location of all seven. Happy Halo 4 everyone!

    Keep an eye on the Halo 4 cheats tab, numerous other guides on this highly anticipated game are coming.



    Alternatively you can also consult this video

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