Guide unlockable weapons

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: guida alle armi [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Our guide to finding all the weapons featured in the first episode

Guide unlockable weapons

With the full arsenal everything will be easier! While some weapons are very easy to find, others are found in places you may easily miss. Here's what they are and how to find them all in Episode 1. As with all the other guides dedicated to this game (you can find them in the tricks and guides tab of Resident Evil Revelations 2), this guide will also be updated with any changes regarding the next episodes .

The first weapon you will find with Claire and Moria, impossible to miss.

Pistol MPM
It is located on the body with the key. You will need it to shoot the containers above.

Shotgun M147S
It is found near a body near the door to the Experiment room. It is the classic shotgun with two shots.

Crowbar (crowbar)
This is Moira's melee weapon who doesn't really like firearms. You will find the iron bar right after you find the shotgun, after Moira's refusal to the gun. It is located on the shelf next to the Topaz.

Pistol ammunition box
It will allow you to carry more ammo. When you are in the room with the Spike bed, in the area you will find a locked chest with the ammo box inside.

Explosive bottle
You can find a lot of these, I'll tell you where the first one is. In the second area of ​​the prison it is necessary to find a Cog Wheel to move forward. You'll find it under a Spike bed but you won't be able to get it yet. Use Moira to climb the ladder and unlock the door next to the upgrade table so that Claire can move forward too. Keep moving forward until you enter an area where two monsters will jump out of a room together. After killing them, take the corridor down and enter the room on the right. Inside you can find the bottle on the shelf.

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