Guide unlockable alternate costumes

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - Unlockable Costume Guide [PS4-PS3]


We unlock the extra costumes of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes for PS3 and PS4.

Guide unlockable alternate costumes

If you have the PS3 or PS4 version of MGS Ground Zeroes know that it is possible to play the Extra mission of the game with the original Solid Snake costume (pixelated version) or playing as Frank Jaeger, better known as Cyborg Ninja. In this guide you will find out how.

How to unlock and play with the Solid Snake costume

1) Complete the main mission of the game by collecting all the XOF badges (to find them all, follow the XOF badges guide). Collecting all the badges will unlock the extra mission "Dejà Vu".
2) Now play and complete the "Dejà Vu" mission on difficulty NORMAL. It is important to correctly recreate all the scenes as explained in the Dejà Vu mission guide ("Memory" trophy).
3) At the end of the mission you will be asked if you want to answer the Quiz, choose "YES".
4) Answer the 10 questions correctly (for all correct answers follow the guide to the answers to the quiz). If you miss even 1 question, the quiz will fail and you will have to repeat everything from point 2).

How to unlock and play Cyborg Ninja costume

To unlock this costume, the same applies to the Solid Snake costume. The only difference is that you will have to play the Dejà Vu mission on difficulty DIFFICULT. In this way the proposed questions will also change but don't worry, in the guide to the answers to the quiz you will find both versions of the test, both the Normal and the Difficult one.

By doing everything correctly you can replay the Dejà Vu mission with one of these two costumes, discovering new and interesting references to the first MGS.

Important: consult the guides tab of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes for other useful guides on this game.

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