Guide Trophy "Welcome to the limit"

Guide to reach Level 50 quickly in Driveclub [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's see some tips to quickly climb the levels and get to the limit.

Guide Trophy "Welcome to the limit"

This is one of the longest trophies in the game, it unlocks simply by continuing to play, but doing so will take a long, long time.

To get to level 50 you will have to total 14.574.500 XP, below you will find some methods to accumulate XP quickly.

1 method
Keep playing single events. Customize the event by setting the difficulty to professional, 11 opponents, 1 lap, Canadian circuit -> Maple 1. You should be able to complete a lap in just over 1 minute earning around 18.000 XP for each race, as well as the various praise you will succeed. to get. With this method you should be able to earn more than 1.000.000 XP for every hour of play.

2 method
All the same as method 1, but in this case use faster cars on the India -> Tamil Nadu circuit 2. In this way you should be able to complete the lap in less than a minute and aim for different praise than those obtainable with method 1 The amount of XP gained should be the same or higher.

3 method
With the latter method you will earn a little less XP for now, but it will be easier than the other two. Play Time Trial mode on India -> Tamil Nadu 1 using the Henessy Venom, and drift as much as possible. By completing a spin in about a minute and a half, you should be able to get, without too much thought, about 15.000 XP per spin.

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