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    Guide Trophy / Objective "The Lives of Others"

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    Guida Lettere Wolfenstein the New Order [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    We continue with the guides dedicated to collectibles to collect in Wolfenstein the New Order. Let's see how to find all the letters.

    Guide Trophy / Objective "The Lives of Others"

    To unlock this achievement we will have to find 10 letters in total.

    Remember that from the menu "Select chapter" you can at any time replay a chapter to recover any uncollected collectibles, and also check your progress with collectibles already collected. It doesn't matter if your game is on Fergus or Wyatt, because the levels and the position of the objects will always be the same. If you manage to kill the commanders silently, question marks may appear on the map indicating the location of some collectibles, but remember that the location of all items will not be shown anyway.

    So here is the list of all the chapters with the link to the videos they show where to find all the letters. Pay attention because in the same videos the position of the notes and gold objects is also shown.

    Important: consult the Wolfenstein the new Order cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

    Note: in the description of each video you will find the timeline with the list of all the collectibles present in the chapter and the minute of the video in which you can see where to find them. Use it if you need to find a particular object.

    Letters - Chapter 1

    Letters - Chapter 2

    Letters - Chapter 3

    Letters - Chapter 4

    Letters - Chapter 5

    Letters - Chapter 6

    Letters - Chapter 7

    Letters - Chapter 8

    Letters - Chapter 9

    Letters - Chapter 10

    Letters - Chapter 11

    Letters - Chapter 12

    Letters - Chapter 13

    Letters - Chapter 14

    Letters - Chapter 15

    Letters - Chapter 16

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