Guide Trophy / Objective "The bike is your hula hoop"

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Guide Trophy / Objective "The bike is your hula hoop"

This could turn out to be a truly bastard trophy for even the most savvy players, so let's put together some tips.

First of all, unlock the FMX bike and the "Trick master" track under the "Cactus Challenge". The first tip is to try this test several times (many times) in order to become familiar with the bike and memorize at least 8 unique tricks well. You will need these to score points, so you will need to know them like the back of your hand and be able to perform them without any problems.

The achievement can be unlocked in different tracks, but it is recommended to do so on "Airtime" under the "Skill Time" event.

The key thing is to build and keep the multiplier alive. Remember that crashing, slowing down too much, making bad landings are all actions that reset the multiplier, so avoid them.

With these things in mind, watch (and re-watch) the following video. Every action is important, try to repeat everything and in the end, after a lot of practice, you will probably be able to unlock this result too. Good luck

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