Guide Trophy / Objective "Someone is watching me"

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Transformers Discoverer's Observations Guide Rise of the Dark Spark [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-Wii U]


We continue with the hunt for collectibles in the new game dedicated to the mythical Transformers.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Someone is watching me"

To unlock this achievement you need to find the 6 audio logs relating to the observations of the Discoverer and they are all found in chapters 2 and 3 of the game. Remember that in the various levels you will also find other audio logs, there are in fact those relating to the fate of the entrepreneur and those relating to the Veteran's complaints, all covered in separate guides.

These collectibles are in the form of audio cassettes (transformer style, of course) that from a distance easily blend with ammo reloads making them easy to jump. In any case do not worry, at any time you can replay the chapter from "Select chapter" and retrieve them (in the menu you will also see how many you are missing in each mission).

Here is a video showing where exactly the audio logs related to the Discoverer's observations are located. Good fun!

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