Guide Trophy / Objective "Slaughterhouses Hernia, you personal research"

15 ways to kill a Slig in Oddworld New 'N' Tasty [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


We've already seen the fifteen ways Abe can die, but now is the time for a very tasty rematch.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Slaughterhouses Hernia, you personal research"

The ways in which Slig can die are pretty much the same as the ways Abe can die, with a few due differences. Here is a list that lists them all, remember that both the deaths of the "free" Sligs and the deaths of those possessed are valid.

  • Vertical electric saw
  • Meat grinder (you will have to skip them in the first chapter)
  • Electric gate
  • Shot by another Slig
  • Grenade (kill yourself with your own grenade)
  • Fall into a ditch / ravine
  • Fall through a trap
  • Mine
  • Convertible mine
  • Floating mine
  • Mina with timer
  • Rockfall
  • Fall of meat
  • Eaten by Slogs (own a Slig, then press Right to get a Slog's attention, press Left to order it to eat a Slig)
  • Killed by bees (in Paramonian)
  • De-possession (own a Slig, then press L2 + R2 to cancel possession: the Slig will explode)
  • Killed by the power of Shrykull
  • Good ending

For more help, I also recommend watching the video below which shows them all. Good fun!

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Guide Trophy / Objective "Medal", get all medals in Episode 2 ❯
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