Guide Trophy / Objective "Greed of the Dwarves"

Lego Hobbit: Mithril Bricks Guide


In Lego: Hobbit among the various (many) collectibles there are also the bricks of Mithril.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Greed of the Dwarves"

The bricks of Mithril are 250 in total and are obtained in the following way:

  • 1 for each story level completed (16 total, solution)
  • 1 for each Minikit found (16 in total, Minikit guide)
  • 1 for each story level where all treasures are collected (16 in total, treasure guide)
  • 1 for each story level where all blueprints are collected (16 in total, project guide)
  • 1 for each story level in which Master Burglar rank is reached (16 in total, Master Burglar guide)
  • The remaining 170 Mithril bricks can be found by playing free mode in Middle-earth, completing side missions, challenges, puzzles, etc.

To see which Mithril bricks you are missing to collect, you can consult the map at any time from the pause menu. Set the navigation point and proceed, but remember that some of them do not appear on the map, as they are obtained as a reward for completing particular missions.

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