Guide Trophy / Objective "Exo inversion" and "Turn and turn"

How to reverse a map in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In Survival exo maps can also be "inverted".

Guide Trophy / Objective "Exo inversion" and "Turn and turn"

Playing in Exo Survival mode a map flips when you pass wave 25. To reverse the map again you need to do the same with 25 other waves called 25 (2) in the game.

This means that in order to reverse a map twice, you have to face and overcome 50 waves in total, all in a single game. It will not be easy to do it alone, but it is recommended to play with friends, online or locally. In this regard, I suggest you also read the guide with the tips to complete the Exo survival, it could be very useful.

Best of luck!

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