Guide Trophy / Objective "Doilies and plates of your mother"

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Guide to ALL the Precious Objects of Lego the Hobbit [weapons, armor]


After seeing how to find all the projects, today we take care of the Precious Objects of Lego the Hobbit.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Doilies and plates of your mother"

To unlock this achievement we will have to collect a total of 64 precious objects, 4 in each of the 16 levels that make up the campaign. These are items that your character can equip, such as various types of weapons or armor.

Remember that it will not be possible to collect a large part of these treasures until you have finished the game at least once. In fact, many precious objects can only be reached and collected using the skills of particular characters that are unlocked after finishing the game or in any case later in the campaign. For this I recommend finishing the game first and then playing in free mode to recover the missing ones.

Below is the list of all 16 levels of the game with a link leading to a video showing where to find all the precious objects present in the level. The videos also show the position of the Projects and Minikits.

IMPORTANT: to facilitate the work and locate them more easily you can use the trick of "Treasure Detector". To use this and all the other cheats, follow the tricks of Lego The Hobbit and the guide to find all the Red Bricks.


Valuables level "The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth"

Valuables level "An Unexpected Party"

Valuables level "Azog the Defiler"

"Roast Mutton" level precious objects

"Treasure of the Trolls" level

"On the Hill and Below the Hill" level valuable items

"Goblin City" level valuables

Precious objects level "From the pan ..."

Valuables level "Bizarre Accommodations"

Valuables level "Flies and Spiders"

"Unsoldered Barrels" level precious items

Valuables level "A warm welcome"

Valuables level "Evidence is needed"

"The Necromancer" Level Valuables

Valuables level "On the threshold"

Valuables level "Secret Information"

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