Guide Trophy / Objective "A real engineer"

Schematic guide to build all Alien Isolation objects and weapons [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


To survive in Alien Isolation we will have to use makeshift objects and weapons created on the spot. Here's where to find the blueprints to build all possible objects and weapons.

Guide Trophy / Objective "A real engineer"

The items / weapons that can be crafted in Alien Isolation are 7 different types. To build them we will have to use the various creation materials that are found in fair quantities scattered throughout the various levels of the game. While we have these "ingredients" necessary to create an object, we will also need the "recipe" (or scheme) of creation. When we have both the scheme and the necessary materials, we will be able to access the appropriate menu to create the new object.

Below you will find the list of all the objects that can be built with indicated the mission in which the relative scheme is located. Also follows a video showing where exactly all the patterns are located.

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Mission 2: medical kit
Mission 3: smoke bomb
Mission 3: flashbang
Mission 4: jammer
Mission 4: mina EMP
Mission 5: craft bomb
Mission 6: Molotov

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