Guide Trophy "Artisan Hunter", get the special tools of a hunter.

Bloodborne: Guide to Finding ALL Special Tools [PS4]


... and they will need some tools to get out of that nightmare safely!

Guide Trophy "Artisan Hunter", get the special tools of a hunter.

In the game there are a total of 9 special hunter tools. These items are listed in the inventory under the "consumables" tab, but in reality they can be used an unlimited number of times, but they require a certain level in the "arcane" attribute to be equipped and consume a certain amount of quicksilver bullets each use.

The Hunter's Special Tools are scattered in different areas of the game, some of which will NOT be accessible before the last missions. For this reason, if you want to collect them all to unlock the trophy, it is advisable to start collecting the special tools that are missing only when you have reached the final boss (when the workshop in the Hunter's Dream starts to burn), because only at this point you will have access to all areas where these are located.

The important thing is NOT to start the fight with the final boss, otherwise you will switch to a new game and you will never be able to go back to get them.

Here is the list of all the hunter's special tools with directions on where to find them and a video showing their exact location:

#1 - Old Hunter Bone (Church, Cathedral, after killing the boss "Bloodthirsty beast") - 0:05 minute of the video
#2 - Beast Roar (Forbidden Woods) - 1:28 minute of the video
#3 - Empty Phantasm Shell (Byrgenwerth) - minute 2:37 of the video
#4 - Tiny Thunders (Cappella Yahar'Gul) - minute 3:35 of the video
#5 - Augur of Drunkenness (2nd floor, great hall) - 4:14 minutes of the video
#6 - Messenger's Gift (Nightmare Frontier) - minute 5:44 of the video
#7 - Executioner's Gloves (ancient Cainhurst Castle) - 6:51 minutes of the video
#8 - A Call Beyond (upper area Church, Cathedral) - 8:06 minutes of the video
#9 - Choir Bell (Mergo's Loft Middle) - minute 9:05 of the video

Below is the video showing where exactly they are

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Guide Trophy "Camera Obscura", inspect all photographs and documents ❯
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