Guide Trophy / Achievement "Battle Car Collector", unlock all cars

Rocket League: guide to unlock ALL cars + Sweet Tooth [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


We score a good goal with the ice cream van

Guide Trophy / Achievement "Battle Car Collector", unlock all cars

Visiting the garage from the Rocket League game menu you have surely noticed that it is possible to unlock the bodies of different cars. Know that there are no other ways to unlock them than to keep playing and possibly win as many matches as possible. In fact, with each completed game you will unlock a new object, among these from time to time there will be a new machine.

The last car, Sweet Tooth unlocks differently though. In fact, to unlock Sweet Tooth too win at least one game with all other machines.

So, proceed like this:

  • keep playing until you have all the cars in the garage except the last one;
  • at this point go to the garage and check which of your cars have zero wins;
  • select these machines and win at least one game with each of them.

To do it first, you can play Exhibition games with the number of bots set to 0, playing without opponents the victory will be ensured. When you have at least 1 with all the cars you will also unlock the last car, Sweet Tooth.

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