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    Dragon Age Inquisition Treasure Maps Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    Let's go hunting for hidden treasures in the lands of Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Guide treasure maps

    Below you can see videos showing where to find four maps that lead to as many treasures in Dragon Age Inquisition. Find the map to grab the precious loot as well.

    Mappa del Tesoro: The Exalted Plains (Halin Sulahn)

    Treasure Map: The Hinterlands (Waterfall)

    Treasure Map: Emerald Graves (Watcher's Pass)

    Treasure Map: Farmland Cave

    The Farmland Cave map is located in Hafter's Wood. To find the treasure, travel to Redcliffe Farms. From Redcliff Farms, head west to reach Dead Ram Grove where you will find some enemies. Explore the area to find a cave at the top of the hill. There is another small cave on the south side of this cave, enter it to find the treasure.

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