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    Guide to unlocking the "Anarchy Mixed Fried" Achievement / Trophy

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    Anarchy Reigns - How to defeat the Kraken in 5 minutes [Mixed fried anarchy]


    Guide to unlocking the "Anarchy Mixed Fried" Achievement / Trophy

    Defeat the Kraken in under 5 minutes

    • It is recommended that you unlock stage 2 in the Stage Selection before attempting to unlock this achievement, it can all be done on easy difficulty to make things easier.
    • In Leo's campaign, the first Kraken appears with three tentacles and a giant mouth in its center. Avoid the lunge to the mouth, you will only end up wasting time. For now, all you have to do is attack the bright blue parts of the Kraken's mouth or tentacles.
    • Deal enough damage and the Kraken will attack the aircraft carrier. It will then push the ship to its side, and attack when you are over a small section of the ship.
    • The final part is where you will waste the most time. The Kraken will attempt to launch missiles at you and if you want to defeat it in less than 5 minutes, you will need to take each missile and send it back to the creature.
    • Catching the missiles is the trickiest part of the fight - grab them with the grab button, then aim and send them back to his bright blue eye.
    • If you fail to capture the missiles, there is no way to defeat the Kraken under the time limit. Also follow this video and good luck.

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