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Let's conclude our journey through the skills (talents) of Wolfenstein the New Order and see how to unlock all the assault talents.

Guide to unlocking Assault skills

Before we begin let me point out one general rule that applies to all skills (talents) da sbloccare in Wolfenstein the New Order.

Any of your actions are saved immediately and can be repeated indefinitely by reloading the checkpoint, each time will count in the progress to unlock the various perks. I give an example. To unlock the Stealth 7 feat, you must silently kill 5 Commanders. If you find a point in the game where this killing is easy for you (because for example you find yourself with a commander who has your back to you) then you can kill him, reload the checkpoint and repeat the same action 4 more times, unlocking the ability. without problems. This can be done for ALL talents.

Having made this important premise, let's start with i Assault Talents.

In the list I will indicate the skill, what you need to do to unlock it and the trophy / achievement you get when you unlock that particular talent.

Important: see the Wolfenstein the New Order cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides, such as the guide with all the puzzle codes or the guides to other talents.

Assault Talent 1 (unlocks "Double Cooldown")

Kill 10 enemies using the dual weapon. Nothing easier, it will probably be the first you get.

Assault Talent 2 (unlocks "Toughness I")

Kill 3 enemies while performing a slide. Press the crouch button while running to perform a slide, then kill an enemy as you slide. Do 3 to unlock this skill as well

Assault Talent 3 (unlocks "Jackal")

Kill 3 enemies in a row with the dual weapon without releasing the fire button. You will have to kill 3 enemies with the same magazine, without ever interrupting the fire. At any point in the game, spot a group of three or more enemies and take them out like this, it won't be difficult.

Assault Talent 4 (unlocks "Heavy Armament")

Get 20 kills using a stationary machine gun. You can do this already in chapter 1, in the courtyard of the Deathshead. Use the turret and kill as many as possible, then reload the checkpoint and repeat until you get to 20.

Assault Talent 5 (unlocks "Toughness II")

Kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds using a detached fixed machine gun. In the same place indicated for the Assault 4 Talent, unplug the fixed machine gun, let yourself be identified by the enemies and then mow down 5. It shouldn't be difficult, however also watch the video

Assault Talent 6 (unlocks "Autopanzer")

Unload a fully charged LKW on an enemy without missing a shot. You will be able to use LKW for the first time around the middle of Chapter 6, while a good place to unlock this ability is at the end of Chapter 6, when you are dealing with robots. Watch the video (EYE THE SPOILERS)

Assault Talent 7 (Unlocks "Battery +")

Kill 5 enemies using the LKW "reflect" upgrade. You can do this at any point after acquiring this weapon upgrade, a good point is the start of Chapter 11.

Assault Talent 8 (unlocks "Double Weapon Expert")

Kill 100 enemies with the dual weapon and 25 enemies with the LKW. You will be able to use dual weapons from the early stages of the game, so you will have no problem reaching 100. The LKW unlocks around the middle of Chapter 6, it is a very powerful weapon so it will not be difficult to get 25 kills, more than else be careful not to waste ammunition, the reloading points of this weapon are only found in certain areas.

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