Guide to unlock bonus weapons and traps

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Guide unlockable weapons and traps in Sunset Overdrive [Xbox One]


Let's start with the most important things to unlock, weapons.

Guide to unlock bonus weapons and traps

The weapons that we will have available in Sunset Overdrive are really many. Some will be available from the beginning of the game, others will be unlocked as you progress in the story, but some can only be unlocked by completing particular missons. This guide is specifically dedicated to the latter, with the list showing what they are and how to unlock bonus weapons and traps. You will have all the others playing normally.

Unlockable weapons

  • AK-FU: completate "The Siege Of Wondertown Land".
  • Flaming Compensator: completed "Horror Night" during Act I.
  • Murderang: complete "Hot Dog" during Act II.
  • Pulse Go: completate "Getting The Band Back Together".
  • TNTeddy: completed "A New Friend" during Act I.

Unlockable traps

Grind Cooker: complete "Grind Cooker Trap" during Act III.
JYA Gun Turret: Complete the optional "Big Brother Sam" mission during Act II.
Pandora's Box: completate "The Siege Of Wondertown Land".
Pop Rocket: complete "The Firework Show" during Act III.
Pyro Geyser: complete "Up In The Air" during Act I.
Mr. Freeze: complete "Find 4Kim" during Act II.
Siegfried The Great: Complete the optional mission "The Most Epic Quest For EXP" during Act IV.
Tesla: complete "Tastes Like Chicken" during Act III.

In the following video you can see ALL the weapons of Sunset Overdrive, including those just listed.

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