Guide to unlock Arvak, the skeleton horse demon

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Skyrim Dawnguard - How to unlock Arvak skeleton horse

Guide to unlock Arvak, the skeleton horse demon

Dawnguard, the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, takes us to the ghostly plain of Oblivion, where the undead roam freely and where it is possible to find a new faithful travel companion: Arvak, the skeleton horse (for friends "flaming mouth"). Once acquired, this steed can be summoned at will. He cannot be killed, and he cannot be lost, making him one of the most useful companions available in the game.

To be able to ride the beautiful four-legged all bone and iron you see above there are two ways, but remember that you must necessarily have the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, otherwise forget it.

1) Unlock Arvak with the game's missions

  • During the main missions of Dawnguard, you will travel to the plain of Oblivion called Soul Cairn. Here you will have to find a special Elder Scroll.
  • After completing the "Chasing Echoes" quests you will have access to the Soul Cairn whenever you wish to return.
  • During the quest with Serana, you will return to the exit portal. On the way back you will hear a character shout "Arvak! Arvak!"
  • It is possible to talk to the souls screaming for Arvak, so you can find the Skull of Arvak in the Soul Cairn. He is in a four-pillar area surrounded by Wraith enemies. Collecting the Skull will unlock a secondary mission and the waypoint will guide you towards the character to complete the mission. This unlocks the power to summon the fearsome undead horse Arvak.

In this video you can see the procedure just explained and the exact position of the Skull

2) Unlock Arvak with cheat codes (PC ONLY)
For the lazy ones who want to unlock Arvak immediately without cracking to complete these missions there is good news: it seems that this demonic foal can also be unlocked using the cheat codes in the command console which, as you well know, is available ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY on PC. Here's how to proceed:

Open the command console with the ""(would be the backslash). Now enter this command:

Player.addspell 0200c600 1

If you have done everything right you can summon Arvak even without having completed the procedure explained in point 1) of this guide.

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