Guide to the recruitment of agents of the inquisition

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Dragon Age Inquisition Agent Recruiting Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's make our army even stronger with the help of these valued allies.

Guide to the recruitment of agents of the inquisition

In Dragon Age Inquisition in addition to companions (follow the Dragon Age Inquisition companion guide for more help) it is possible also recruit agents of the Inquisition, special agents who bring new privileges and abilities that will be useful to your organization.

The Agents of the Inquisition are 20 in total, some are added simply by completing missions, but others require specific requirements to be found. So let's see what they are, in order to find all the agents of the Inquisition.

Connection Agents

Barter By Belle

  • Where it is: Val Royeaux
  • How do you recruit: Find Belle after comparing the Templars Chantry and Lord Seeker in Val Royeaux. It is located on the lower level near a shop counter. Just talk to her and she will offer to join.

Enchant Ellendra

  • Where it is: Hinterlands
  • How do you recruit: Loot the Templar bodies in Winterwatch Tower then return to Crossroads. You will find Ellendra in a cave, Cassandra can convince her to join you.


  • Where it is: Emerald Graves
  • How do you recruit: Talk to Clara in Argon's Lodge to start the “Noble Deeds, Noble Hearts” quest. Fairbanks will offer to join the Inquisition.


  • Where it is: Halamshiral
  • How do you recruit: During the mission to foil the assassination of the Empress of Orlais, expose Florianne as a conspirator behind the assassination, then return to Skyhold and use the throne. Here you can force her to join the Inquisition.

Sky Watcher

  • Where it is: The Fallow Mire
  • How do you recruit: Rescue the soldiers in Hargrave Keep and you will encounter Sky Watcher near a gash in the road. Close the rift and talk to Sky Watcher to recruit him.

Forces agents

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