Guide to the merchant Xur

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Guide to find the merchant Xur, the agent of the Nine, in Destiny [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Let's see where Xur is, the mysterious Agent of the Nine.

Guide to the merchant Xur

As we have already explained in the guide to find the exotic and legendary weapons in Destiny, the vendor Xur (at least at the moment) is the only one who can provide the Engrams for this type of weapons and armor that are so important.

Xur appears in the tower on weekends ONLY, from 9 am on Friday until 9 am on Sunday and is located near the Crucible Quartermaster, on the left as you enter the lobby.

In the video below you can see who exactly Xur is and where he is, along with various information on trading with this merchant.


although all the functioning and the days in which it appears (Friday and Saturday) remain unchanged, the merchant XUR every weekend is in a different position, and every time he adds a new exotic weapon, a new piece of exotic armor for each of the classes and a new exotic engram. Below you can see the video showing where Xur is at the weekend of 10/11 October.

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