Guide to SSX combos, stunts and tricks [360-PS3]

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Guide to SSX combos, stunts and tricks [360-PS3]

In SSX for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 there are a lot of tricks to learn and perform, also because many are required to unlock some results of the game (in this regard, consult our guide to unlock all SSX achievements and trophies).

So today we see what are all the stunts e which key combos must be pressed to perform them.

Before leaving the list just a couple of clarifications on the terms used: with Grind it refers to the tricks performed by sliding on iron bars, logs and the like. To perform i Regular Tricks your character must have his left foot forward while for i Tricks Goofy the character must have his right foot forward on the board. The list is up to you

The buttons shown in the list are related to Xbox 360. For Playstation 3 you just need to know that the corresponding keys are:

A = X
X = Square
Y = Triangle
B = Circle

Tricks Standard

Lesser Seesaw Boardslide: Y + Y
Super Fish-L Boardslide: B + B
Ta Da! Boardslide: X
The Proposal Boardslide: B
The Wheelman Boardslide: X + X
Utah Teapot Boardslide: Y

Regular Air Tricks
Crail: B + Y
Flying Squirrel: Y + X
Indy: B
Melon: X
Mute: X + B
Nose Grab: X + Y
Rocket: Y
Seatbelt: X + A
Stalefish: B + X
Stiffy: Y + B
Tail Grab: B + A
Truckdriver: A

Goofy Air Tricks
Melon: B
Switch Crail: X + Y
Switch Flying Squirrel: Y + B
Switch Indy: X
Switch Mute: B + X
Switch Nose Grab: B + Y
Switch Rocket: Y
Switch Seat Belt: B + A
Switch Stalefish: X + B
Switch Stiffy: Y + X
Switch Tail Grab: X + A
Switch Truckdriver: A

Uber Tricks

Brow Down Boardslide: Y + Y
Darkerslide Boardslide: Y
Darkslide Boardslide: X + X
Heel To The Cheif Boardslide: X
Jewl Twist Boardslide: B
Late Addition Boardslide: B + B

Regular Air Tricks
Uber Crail: B + Y
Uber Flying Squirrel: Y + X
Uber Indy: B
Uber Melon: X
Uber Mute: X + B
Uber Nose Grab: X + Y
About Rocket: Y
Uber Seatbelt: X + A
Uber Stalefish: B + X
Uber Stiffy: Y + B
Uber Tail Grab: B + A
Uber Truckdriver: A

Goofy Air Tricks
Switch Uber Crail: X + Y
Switch Uber Flying Squirrel: Y + B
Switch Uber Indy: X
Switch Uber Melon: B
Switch Uber Mute: B + X
Switch Uber Nose Grab: B + Y
Switch Uber Rocket: Y
Switch Uber Seat Belt: B + A
Switch Uber Stalefish: X + B
Switch Uber Stiffy: Y + X
Switch Uber Tail Grab: X + A
Switch Uber Truckdriver: A

Great Uber Tricks

Invertible Boardslide: B
Sit On It Boardslide: X
Skeleton Boardslide: Y
The Luger Boardslide: Y + Y
The Russian Dreidle: B + B
Westcoast Crow Boardslide: X + X

Regular Air Tricks
All You Can Eat: X + B
Blackbird: B + X
Checkin’ The Nose: Y
Cradle May Fall: Y + B
Huge In Europe: Y + X
Royal Flush: X + A
Sidewinder: X + Y
Skyscraper: X
Sledgehammer: A
Stay Frosty: B + A
Submersible: B + Y
Waaay Back: B

Goofy Air Tricks
Switch All You Can Eat: B + X
Switch Blackbird: X + B
Switch Checkin’ The Nose: Y
Switch Cradle May Fall: Y + X
Switch Huge In Europe: Y + B
Switch Royal Flush: B + A
switch sidewinder: B + Y
Switch Skyscraper: B
Switch Sledgehammer: A
Switch Stay Frosty: X + A
Switch Submersible: X + Y
Switch Waaay Back: X

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