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Dark Souls 2: how to reset character stats and abilities [360-PS3-PC]


At some point you may find that you have everything wrong, and want to start over. Here's how to do it, at least in Dark Souls 2.

Guide to reset skill points

If you want to reset your character development and have the ability to redistribute soul points in Dark Souls 2 you have only one way: use a "Soul Vessel".

This is a rare item (currently there appear to be no more than 5-6 pieces in the entire game), so be very careful when you use them and don't waste them. Here then is the points where you can find the Soul Vessels:

  • Inside the estate in Majula. You will need a key to enter. In the following video you can see both how to get the key and where the Soul Vessel is


  • To get another Soul Vessel you can help 4 different Merchants (Merchant Guide) to have them transferred to Majula. When you have moved 4 of them, talk to Saulden for a Soul Vessel as a reward.
  • Another is located behind a Pharros Lockstone in the Lost Bastille. It is located near McDuff's shop, behind wooden boards.
  • In Drangelic Castle you will find another Soul Vessel, after reaching the big tower with the elevator. At the top, look in the chest behind the strange cage.


When you have found one, travel to Things Betwixt and deliver the Soul Vessel to the Old Firekeepers as shown in the video below. Now you can reset your skill points.

Important: consult the Dark Souls 2 cheats sheet for other useful guides on this game.

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