Guide to reset character abilities

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How to reset Dragon Age Inquisition character stats [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


If you are not convinced of your moves made in distributing skill points on your character, here's how to fix it.

Guide to reset character abilities

Immediately after playing the Dragon Age Inquisition Prologue you will arrive in Haven. Before you can do anything you will talk to Cassandra who will give you more information about the location and what you can do.

Soon after, you will receive a mission that will lead you to meet some of the key members of the Inquisition, including the Blacksmith. Find him and talk to him, then find the golden totem where, as you approach, you will notice the option to buy / sell items. Interact to have the opportunity to purchase the "Tactician's Reneval", an amulet that can be used only once and which will allow you to reset the statistics of your character or your follower / companion.

Be careful though, you won't find other amulets similar to this one. Here is a video showing the process

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