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    Guide to repairing and upgrading power armor

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    Fallout 4: how to repair and modify armor [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


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    Guide to repairing and upgrading power armor

    Even if it was one of the first things that I found in a completely random way, we are receiving in the various guides different requests from users who want to know how to repair power armor in Fallout 4.

    It is a very simple thing to do, but I must admit that it is not so obvious, so, if you have also arrived on this guide with the same problem, rest assured because you are in good company.

    To do this, just bring the power armor to an encampment where the yellow pedestal, the first is right in the Sanctuary settlement at the beginning of the game. Approach the pedestal while wearing the armor and then exit, at this point you can enter the edit menu to repair the armor, but also to upgrade it and change the colors.

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