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Dark Souls 2 - Traders Guide


In the world of Dark Souls 2, Merchants play a pivotal role. You will have to deal continuously with them, for weapon upgrades, to find important items for the main mission or simply to do some business essential for the game's economy.

Guide to Merchants

Below you will find the list of merchants in the game with information on where they are and the list of the most important items for sale in their shop.

Lenigrast locksmith:
Lenigrast is Majula's blacksmith. Before you can use his services, you'll need to purchase the key to his workshop from the merchant in the Forest of Giants. Thanks to him you can upgrade all types of non-elemental weapons.

Items for sale:

Wooden arrow
Iron arrow
Wooden dart
Heavy dart
Chip of titanite
Repairing powder

Targray Sentinel
Merchant encountered after defeating the Old Dragon Slayer. Head of the covenant of the Blue Sentinels

Items for sale:

Holy water
Lucky charm of the monastery
Infrared blue sphere (NG+only)

Merchant present in the Desolate Dock that will move to Manjula once the Flexible Sentinel is defeated. He will speak to you only if you have an intelligence value of 8 or higher.

Items for sale:

Amber grass
Twilight grass
Simple incense

Ghost merchant encountered near the entrance to Drangleic Castle on the main staircase.

Items for sale:

Ancient Radiant Life Gem
Grass of dawn
Divine blessing
Repairing powder
Magic arrow
Arrow of lightning
Magic dart
Lightning bolt

Merchant encountered in three different places: Dark Ruins, Black Throat and King's Gate. He is the leader of the Dark Pilgrim Pact.

Items for sale:

Human Effigy
Ascetic bonfire

Merchant encountered at the hunter's grove, just before reaching the very first bonfire. He will speak to you only if your degree of intellect and faith is 8 or higher.

Items for sale:

Carbonized resin

The merchant of the Crypt of the Undead. He will become aggressive if you turn on a flashlight inside his room.

Items for sale:

Dark arrow
Dark dart
Human Effigy
Elizabeth mushroom

Head of Vengarl
Merchant encountered inside the fog in the Dark Ruins, take the right exit from the bonfire and enter the misty forest, then, follow the left wall until you find some stones in the center of a small area. 

Items for sale:

Great destructive arrow
Urn of lightning
Golden resin

Lycia by Lindeldt
You will meet Licia for the first time, inside the Tower of the Flame; exhausted all dialogue options to have Majula transferred to the circular mechanism room. It sells various spells and miracles.

This merchant will appear for the first time at the Desolate Pier, to move to the Valley of the Harvest, then, to the Gates of Pharros for good. It will also buy your every single item or footprint by paying you in souls.

Items for sale:

Poisonous arrows
Poisonous moss
Poisonous throwing knife
Rotten resin

Merchant of the Forte Ferreo area.

Items for sale:

Human Effigy
Green bud
Black fire bomb
Carbonized resin
Repairing powder
Rusty coin
Salutation stone
Thanksgiving stone
Apology stone
Stone very well
Old fragrant branch

Merchant present in the house on the left in the Majula area, he sells a lot of armor and weapons for the first levels of the game. Also, he will sell new pieces after taking out some bosses.

Merchant present in the Tower of Cardinals, after having exhausted all dialogue options, will move to Majula. He will sell some new armor after defeating some NPCs.

Items for sale:

Pharros lock
Lenigrast key
Human Effigy
Vital gem
Amber grass
Fire bomb
Haunted urn
Throwing knife

Rosabeth of Melfia
Rosabeth is the petrified girl who blocks the lever to access the Dark Ruins. She will move to Majula once you have offered her some new clothing, remember to pull the lever she blocked only after she has moved to the bonfire as you will risk killing her in the battle that follows. It is the png you will have to turn to to enhance your Pyromancy Flame.

Items for sale:

Small blue lappola
Small yellow lappola
Small orange lappola
Seed of fire

Merchant you can reach by blowing up a part of the wall at the Lost Bastille (you can see a bonfire behind it), or by using the Bastille key to open the door to his workshop. By giving them the Dull Ember, you can create and upgrade elemental weapons.

Merchant encountered upon your arrival at Harvest Valley, exhaust every dialogue option to have it moved to Majula. It sells many upgrade materials, to which rare materials will be added after defeating some bosses.

Initially petrified merchant, he is in the Lost Bastille and blocks access to a bonfire. Through him you can exchange the souls of the bosses with special weapons and spells.

Items for sale:

Red water

Shalaquoir, is a cat present in the house to the right of Majula. In addition to being a merchant, he keeps track of your progress within the pacts and allows you to abandon one.

Items for sale:

Return bone
Prismatic stone
Skull lure
Talisman of Llyod

Navlaan is a powerful wizard who is in the Fort of Aldia, he will present himself in two different forms depending on whether you meet him alive or empty. In the first form (empty) he will entrust you with a mission where you will have to assassinate several and, importantly, pngs (this can be completed by bringing him all the required objects without killing anyone and without losing the object itself). In normal form he will sell you various items and spells. By pulling the lever to the left of the area, you will summon his deadly dark specter in different areas of the game, I advise against doing this unless you are looking for a big challenge.

Items for sale:

Big lightning bolt
Big fire arrow
Great destructive arrow
Good luck charm of the dragon
Crimson Water
Ascetic bonfire

Ornifex is one of two merchants who will trade weapons and spells with the souls of the bosses. It is very difficult to find, you will have to ransom the satyr to the right of the bonfire in the area, kill him and get the Fang Key, then drop from the fake floor near the two ruined towers in the same area and open the door that you will find behind you. . After the first meeting, he will move to the lower Tseldora Pietraluce Quarry.

Items for sale:

Fire arrow
Fire bolt
Amber grass
Green bud
Fire butterfly

Dyna e Tillo
Dyna and Tillo, are two special merchants, encountered in a nest in the Via di Passage. Trade with them: Prismatic Stone, Small Polished Stone, Polished Stone, and Petrified Object. Leave the items in their nest and wait for the symbol on the ground to disappear and reappear to get your random reward.

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