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    Guide to making easy money in Need for Speed

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    Need for Speed: tricks to earn money [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    Let's look at a couple of methods that can help you make money fast in Need For Speed

    Guide to making easy money in Need for Speed

    1 method
    In the early stages of the game you will have the chance to unlock the (difficult) time trial event "Torque of the Town" in Castle Hill, after obtaining a 400/450 horsepower Skyline.

    This event is quite simple to complete as you will have to cover the course as fast as possible within the time limit of 2 minutes. By completing the event you will get $ 8000 and 19500 Rep points each time, a very simple way to accumulate money in no time. Here it is shown in the following video:

    2 method
    Another method, probably less effective and direct, that you can still use together with the first, is to take advantage of one of the game's features that involves sharing images and videos of your Need for Speed ​​games. Whenever your "shares" get "likes" from other players you will earn money, practically without lifting a finger.

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