Guide to get all the keys

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The Evil Within Goddess Statues / Cabinet Keys Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see where all the Statues of the Goddess are located and the precious keys kept inside them.

Guide to get all the keys

In The Evil Within, scattered throughout the game's levels, we find the Statues of the goddess. Sometimes they are placed in apparently inaccessible places, or placed on mobile platforms, but all within them contain a key. For each key collected, Nurse Tatiana will open the back room of the nursery allowing Sebastian to open the lockers to get different types of rewards.

In total there are 46 keys in the game. Most are found in the statues, some in small boxes, while the last two are found randomly by opening the lockers. To get the keys kept in the statues, you have to break the statues using the melee attack on them, or by shooting with weapons or throwing objects at them (eg a bottle).

In the following video you can see where all the keys are located, including those that are not in the Statues. For more help opening all the lockers, follow the guide to opening all the lockers in The Evil Within.

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