Guide to finding power armor in Fallout 4

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The places to find Fallout 4 Power Armor NOW [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Your fantastic T45, now!

Guide to finding power armor in Fallout 4

You must know that in Fallout 4 it is possible to have the beautiful one from the early stages of the game atomic armor, one of the hallmarks of this fantastic series.

In the game there are several places where you can find it, and there are different models of the same armor. We start from the weakest T-45, passing through the T-51, to get to the more powerful T-60 and X-01. What you will find depends mainly on the level of the character: for example, if you have a character below level 10, you will probably have to settle for a T-45, while to have the possibility to dress the T-60 or X-01 you must surely be around level 50.

As mentioned above, Power Armor can be found in several places. In the video that follows they are shown well 12 different places where you can find Power Armor from the early stages of the game:

As you can see, to activate the power armor you will need the fusion cores which are usually found in the vicinity of the same armor. Of course, if you don't care about the armor because you already have one, then you can visit the locations shown in the video to get the precious cores.

Once collected, you can insert the fusion core and immediately slip into the armor. The armor will provide you with additional protection, in fact it will decrease the damage received from the attacks and will completely eliminate the damage from falling. Obviously you can take it to the workshops to repair it and / or upgrade it, paying the relative price in resources that you will accumulate by playing.

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