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    Guide to finding lost companions in Fallout 4

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    Fallout 4: how to find lost companions [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


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    Guide to finding lost companions in Fallout 4

    In the course of the game it can happen to get lost with a partner, it is a problem that many are encountering. This seems to be due more to a bug in the game than something really wanted. Let's try to figure out how to solve the problem, waiting for a patch that improves the situation.

    I lost my dog ​​in Fallout 4, how do i find it? We are receiving hundreds of similar comments, the answer is that you can reunite and find your mates, but be aware that it will not always be immediate.

    Here are some tips to help you find them, but also to avoid losing them:

    • if you have to separate because you want to take someone else with you, it is better to tell them to stay in a certain place (better if your camp) than to send them alone. In fact, they will walk all the way and it can happen quite easily that they get caught in some obstacle on the map;
    • if you are forced to send them somewhere, it is better to choose small camps, where it will be easier to find them when you need them again;
    • if you are already lost, the first places you have to go look for them are the place where you first met them (if you do not remember them follow the guides to each character in the guide to ALL companions of Fallout 4) or in your settlement in Sanctuary. In fact, think that sometimes they end up in these places even if you have sent them to a completely different place!
    • if you still can't find them, an effective way to find companions who have strayed is to build a bell in your camp, as shown in this video. By ringing the bell, all nearby allies should gather near it. Sometimes in fact the companion is in the same place where you are, but they hunt in places where it is impossible to see them, especially the damned dog.
    • another attempt you can make is to place a chair or bed in your camp, and use the option to wait (one day should be enough). As already mentioned, their movements are slow, so it may be that they are simply on their way to the place where you sent them
    • a separate note for Dogmeat: remember that the dog is the only one who does not respond to the call of the bell. He will tend to stay in the kennels present in the camps, so remember to check them and in any case avoid keeping more than one in the same camp.
    • finally, if you are playing on PC, know that you can use some codes in the command console to make the companions appear near you. The codes are those listed in the list below, if you don't know how to use them then follow the Fallout 4 cheat codes guide.

    Console commands to spawn companions (PC only)

    CAIT: 00079305
    CODSWORTH: 0001ca7d
    CURIE: 00102249
    PALADIN DANSE: 0005de4d
    DEACON: 00050976
    DOGMEAT: 0001d162
    JOHN HANCOCK: 00022615
    ROBERT MACCREADY: 0000313b
    NICK VALENTINE: 00002f25
    PIPER: 00002f1f
    PRESTON GARVEY: 0001a4d7
    STRONG: 0003f2bb
    X6-88: 000e210a

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