Guide to find and join the Dawnguard faction

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Skyrim Dawnguard - How to join the Dawnguard guild


The first DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Called Dawnguard, among the various innovations also presents two new guilds to which it is possible to join, the guild of the Dawnguard and the guild of the Vampires Volkihar.

Guide to find and join the Dawnguard faction

Finding this ancient faction is not difficult, here is how to proceed.

  • Travel to one of the cities on the map. Any of the big Skyrim centers will do.
  • If you are level 10 or higher, you will find an NPC named Durak in town. Talk to him to start the Quest Dawnguard.
  • To reach Fort Dawnguard, you will need to find a new area called Dayspring Canyon which is southeast of Stendarr's Beacon. Another NPC, Agmaer, will ask you to accompany you to the Fort.
  • Once there, you can complete the mission and enter the Dawnguard faction by talking to Isran and Tolan.
  • After joining the Guild, you will be able to find Durak again. He trains with the new crossbow, talking to him will give you a standard crossbow with bolts.


If the Dawnguards don't interest you, then follow the guide to join the Volkihar Vampire Guild.

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