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    Guide to find all mushrooms

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    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD: collectible mushroom guide


    We continue with the guides dedicated to the collection of collectibles present in Assassin's Creed Liberation HD: it's time to go mushroom picking.

    Guide to find all mushrooms

    In the game there are a total of 10 Mushrooms that you will have to recover together with the other collectibles to unlock the trophy "Collector".
    To check how many you have already found, go to the Inventory under "Items" from the pause menu.
    To make the mushrooms appear you must first complete the secondary mission "Louisiana Fever" which will appear on the map marked with a skull icon after completing Sequence 2 / Memory 6. The starting point is near the city to the north. of Bayou, a little west of the fast travel point.

    All mushrooms are found in this area, mainly on trees.

    Before leaving you to a video that shows where are all the mushrooms, I remind you that to unlock the "Collector" trophy you must also collect:

    the Mayan statuette
    the diary pages
    alligator eggs

    all collectibles treated in the linked guides. Good luck to all!


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