Guide to find all collectibles, "Rock Grabber" trophy

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Far Cry Primal: guide to ALL collectibles [Totem, graffiti, etc., PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


On the hunt for collectibles in Far Cry Primal.

Guide to find all collectibles, "Rock Grabber" trophy

Whether you are looking to collect all of the Far Cry Primal collectibles or just by unlock the "Rock Grabber" trophy / achievement you must know that it is a much simpler undertaking than it may seem.

In Far Cry Primal there are in fact, including graffiti, masks and company, well 184 collectibles in total. To unlock the "Rock Grabber" trophy you will only need 80, so we can say that by continuing to play and collecting everything you could unlock it easily without much effort.

The important thing to know is that you don't need a guide to find collectibles, as their location is revealed directly on the map of play as soon as you discover the new play areas.

Watch this video that shows the entire game map with all the objects revealed, each with its own icon that marks its position on the map. Good hunting!

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