Guide to complete all AR challenges

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Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to ALL AR Challenges (3 Stars) [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this new guide dedicated to Batman Arkham Knight we see how to get 3 stars in all AR challenges.

Guide to complete all AR challenges

There are 23 AR Challenges in total and they are particular challenges that are unlocked upon reaching particular objectives in the game. After unlocking them, you can access these challenges from certain points in the game world or, more simply, from the appropriate item in the main menu.

Based on the scores obtained, in each challenge it is possible to obtain up to a maximum of three stars, collect them all to unlock all trophies and achievements related to AR challenges.

The challenges are divided into 5 groups, in this guide we see what are all the Ra challenges and what needs to be done to unlock them. By clicking on the link of each challenge you will also see a video showing how to get 3 stars in that challenge.

  1. "Condemnation" Challenge (3 Stars) - How to Unlock: Complete the XNUMXth Riddler Challenge
  2. "Wreck It" challenge (3 stars)
  3. "One Man's Army" Challenge (3 Stars)
  4. "Combo Master" challenge (3 stars)
  5. "Mind Block" Challenge (3 Stars) - How to Unlock: Complete the first Riddler Challenge
  6. "Tower Siege" Challenge (3 Stars)
  7. "Untouchable" challenge (3 stars)
  8. "Fast Train" Challenge (3 Stars)
  9. "PT City of Fire" Challenge (3 Stars)
  10. "The Millionaire" Challenge (3 Stars)
  11. "Azrael's Penance" Challenge (3 Stars)
  12. "Get up and walk" challenge (3 stars)
  13. Challenge "In the Pale Full Moon" (3 stars)
  14. Search and Destroy Challenge (3 Stars)
  15. "Knight's Time Race" Challenge (3 Stars)
  16. "Road Fury" Challenge (3 Stars)
  17. "Big Game" Challenge (3 Stars)
  18. "David and Goliath" challenge (3 stars)
  19. "Drone Zone" Challenge (3 Stars)
  20. Challenge "Beyond the glass" (3 stars)
  21. "Natural Selection" challenge (3 stars)
  22. "Knights of Gotham" Challenge (3 Stars)
  23. "PT Midnight Fury" Challenge (3 Stars)
Sfida "Big Game Hunter" (3 stelle) Batmobile Hybrid AR Challenge
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