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Batman Arkham Origins: all collectibles and Enigma's secret lair


We are going to collect all the collectibles of Batman Arkham Origins and push it into the secret room of Enigma's headquarters, are you coming too?

Guide to collect all collectibles

The Goal / Trophy "First Riddler's Trophy" asks to find all Batman Arkham Origins collectibles. According to the first reports of users, it seems that to unlock this result is enough collect all the enigma objects and destroy all the repeaters, while, apparently, other collectibles such as the simboli Anarchy or Cyrus Pinkney tablets they do not count towards this result.

To unlock "First Riddler's Trophy" then start by collecting all the puzzle items in the game. There are 200 in total, but we already have one guide to Enigma Objects showing where to find them and how to get them ALL. At the same time, you continue to destroy the entire network of repeaters.

As you can read in the guide, the last of the Enigma Objects to be taken is in the Enigma headquarters, the same one that you visited in the early stages of the game. After collecting all 200, the door inside the HQ that was previously locked can be opened, providing access to Enigma's secret room. Then hack the door and find the wall with the green question mark, hitting it will go down revealing the secret lair. Inside you will find the Riddler's Trophy, grab it to unlock the achievement.

Unfortunately, you won't find much else in the secret room: there are what appear to be the sketches of the Batman Arkham Asylum traps plus some prototypes, but beyond that there is not much.

If you managed to grab all the Enigma Items take a look for yourself, otherwise watch the video below which shows where the last Enigma Item is and how to enter the secret room.

Consult the fact sheet Batman Arkham Origins cheats and guides for other guides on this game.

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