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    Lego Jurassic World: Pursuit Bonus Levels Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    Six bonus levels to escape from the dinosaurs.

    Guide to chases

    In Lego Jurassic World there are 6 bonus levels "Pursuit" that unlock and become playable as you complete the various movies in Story Mode. All six are quite simple to complete, in any case below I propose the list of the chase bonus levels with links that lead to videos showing how to complete them.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Pursuit Pursuit - Video Solution
    The Flight of the Tyrannosaurus Rex - Video Solution
    Velociraptor Escape - Video Solution
    Indominus Rex Pursuit - Video Solution
    Gallimimus Escape - Video Solution
    Indominus Rex Escape - Video Solution

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