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    Guide to alternative costumes

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    Batman Arkham Knight: Unlockable Costumes Guide [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    Let's see what's in the wardrobe of the baddest bat in history.

    Guide to alternative costumes

    As in the previous chapters, also in Batman Arkham Knight it is possible to change the costumes of Batman which, to the delight of the most fussy, will also be displayed in the cutscenes. However, I must tell you immediately that most of the costumes are linked to pre-order bonuses or paid DLCs. Let's see them all!

    Costumes to unlock in the game

    Costume Batman Anime
    At the start of a new game, remember to log into your WBPlay account from the game's main menu (create one at if you don't already have one). Here is the costume

    Costume Batsuit V7.43 (Batman Arkham City)
    You will get this alterative costume early in the game. Go ahead in the story mode to unlock it.

    Costume Batsuit V8.03
    You will get this alterative costume over the course of the game. Go ahead in the story mode to unlock it.


    Downloadable costumes as free DLCs (pre-order bonus)

    Adam West (classic batman) + Justice League 3000 costumes
    These costumes are exclusive to PS4, the download code is tied to the pre-order of the game

    Batman Costume First appearance
    This skin pack inspired by the original from 1939 is tied to pre-order from Amazon

    Costumi Batman "Beyond" and "Dark Knight Returns"
    The "Gotham's Future" Skin Pack is exclusive to pre-orders on Steam

    Costumi Batman "New 52"
    This skin pack is contained instead is a bonus present in the limited edition of the game.
    UPDATE: Apparently, due to the cancellation of the limited edition, Warner Bros has decided to make this pack free for everyone, both on Xbox Live and on PSN.

    Paid DLC Costumes
    At this point, only the costumes distributed with paid DLCs that will be released in the coming months remain, which, of course, will be free for those who own the Season Pass or the Premium version of the game.

    Unfortunately, as you can see, there seems to be very little to unlock in the game, of course we will not fail to update the guide if we discover other unlockable Batman Arkham Knight costumes.

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