Guide to all Mass Effect 3 finals [360-PS3-PC]

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Guide to all Mass Effect 3 finals [360-PS3-PC]

If you have already found every weapon, piece of armor, finished Mass Effect 3 a couple of times (even 3), deep down inside you, you still know that maybe you have missed something. This is because, as everyone knows, they are planned for the game several endings.

In this guide we try to define it well what are the endings of Mass Effect 3, what needs to be done to get them and what are the differences between each of them.

To avoid the risk of talking nonsense, we documented and sifted through km of posts in the official forums of the game and on the network, since that of the Mass Effect 3 endings is a delicate topic to say the least. What you are about to read is largely verified and verifiable by the videos proposed in this guide.



How many are the endings of Mass Effect 3
Some keep saying that there are only 3 endings, while others even talk about 16 endings. Here's how things stand in a nutshell:
at the end of the game you will have to make a choice. The available options range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3, and for each of the 3 options there is a different ending (that's why some talk about 3 endings). However, each of these 3 endings has variations (which is why others speak of a greater number of endings). The variants differ from each other by almost imperceptible differences in the final video, but which reveal important details about the plot.

What are the factors affecting the endings
The only real factor that determines which ending you will see at the end of your game is the Effective Military Power (PME). The PME depends on both the number of choices (1, 2 or 3) you will have at the end, and the type of variant of the ending you will get after making the choice. If you want to know how PME is calculated and what needs to be done to increase it, read the guide dedicated to effective military power and then also look at  chapter 1 of the video guide to the endings (contains SPOILER). Some say the ending is also affected by whether or not you imported the save from ME 2 and what you did with the Reaper base in Mass Effect 2. This is incorrect. Whether or not you have played ME 2 and imported the save makes no difference, at the end you will be able to see ALL the endings of Mass Effect 3. The only difference arising from this element concerns the resources you will have in the game and consequently the PME, but the endings are always the same.

The choices: 3 options for 3 endings
As mentioned earlier, your PME will determine which choices you will have at the end of the game.

  • PME below 1750: you will have the only option available Distruzione
  • PME between 1750 and 2799: you can choose between Distruzione e Control
  • PME equal to or greater than 2800: you can choose between DistruzioneControl e Synthesis

- If you choose the Distruzione: Shepard advances past the Catalyst, turning right. Raise his weapon and fire the relays. The Reapers are annihilated.
- If you choose the Control: Shepard advances past the Catalyst and goes to the left, drops his gun and places both arms on the energy piles, transforms into a Reaper and gives them the command to retreat.
- If you choose the Synthesis: central path, Shepard runs straight into the light beam and dives inside. Its energy joins that of the Crucible. The Chain Reaction will unite all Synthetic and Organic life into a new species, with a new DNA. The cycle ends and the Synthesis is the new Evolution of life.

As you can see in all the endings, in one way or another, the threat of the Reapers is eliminated. The differences lie in the fate of Shepard, the crew, planet Earth and the Humans. These elements of the ending also depend on PME.

The variants of the endings: bad endings and good endings
As mentioned earlier the different endings also have variations. The choice of Synthesis has only one variant, while it is the Distruzione and the Control they have a "bad" and a "good" variant that shows different consequences for the Earth and for the crew, and everything always depends on the PME. To understand how to have the different variations and to see these differences look chapter 2 of the video guide to the endings.

The variants of the endings: perfect ending
There is only one variant of the different endings that provides any clue that Shepard is still alive.
In this regard I advise you to look chapter 4 of the video guide to the endings where you can see this detail.
In the video, in addition to seeing the entire video sequence, it is explained how this ending is obtained and for what reasons, in our opinion, it is to be considered as the best ending of the game.

In this guide we have highlighted what the different possible endings of Mass Effect 3 are, what the differences are and what needs to be done in the game to see each ending. I prefer not to unbalance the meaning and possible implications of the various endings, as it is practically certain that Bioware will release DLCs that will somehow integrate the plot or reveal implications left hidden in the original game. In the Mass Effect 3 community, the hypothesis has taken hold that what happened on the Citadel (practically the entire ending) is just a Shepard hallucination, while others claim that Shepard is a victim of indoctrination. In any case these are only hypotheses and (we hope) it will be Bioware to provide some clarity on this ending a little too (deliberately ???) buttoned up, obviously with a nice DLC (for a fee).

Here is the complete video guide to the Mass Effect 3 endings

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