Guide to all Far Cry Primal specialists

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Far Cry Primal: guida agli Specialisti [Tensay, Karoosh, Wogah, Jayma, Dah, Roshani]


How to find and recruit them.

Guide to all Far Cry Primal specialists

As you continue to play the main story of Far Cry Primal you will encounter several specialists on the map, highlighted with a yellow circle with their faces inside. Going to the indicated location, you will have to complete some objectives / missions to get the specialist to join your village. By recruiting various specialists new abilities will become available for Takkar that you can decide whether to unlock or not.

It is probably the first you will recruit. After completing the mission "Vision of Beast" Tensay will join you, with his missions you will learn how to tame the beasts. He'll get you your owl too.

Jayma will give you a mission to hunt a brown bear, easy enough. After the kill he will join you. Thanks to Jayma you improve the skills to create bows and arrows, and in general those related to hunting.

After completing the missions "Trapped" and "Blood of Oros" Wogah will join you. Wogah will allow you to unlock different skills related to crafting various types of items.

After completing the mission "Brother in need" Karoosh will join you. Karoosh will allow you to unlock several combat related skills.

After completing the mission "Big darwa fort" Dah will join you (after Vision of Ice).

After completing the mission "Fire screamer fort" Roshani will join you (after Vision of Fire).

Upgrade the Specialist Huts
After you bring a specialist to the village, they will appear on your HUD as a navigation point. You can then go to his location for a chance to build or upgrade his shelter. If you get close to the marker you will see what resources are needed to upgrade the hut to the next level. Building a hut is quite simple and requires very common materials, but the second upgrade will require more complicated requirements to be met, such as a minimum population threshold for your village or the skin of a rare animal.

For more help, follow the guide to increasing the population of Far Cry Primal village. All the other guides dedicated to the game are in the tricks and guides tab, follow the link below.

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