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    Ryse Son of Rome: How to Get All Powerups and Executions


    Here are some tips for anyone who is looking to buy all Ryse Son of Rome upgrades and executions.

    Guide Objective We do the shopping

    The description of this achievement asks to "start fighting with all upgrades and executions purchased".

    First of all you need to know that you will have to reach the Level 7 in the Single Player to be able to buy everything. On top of that you will need 798.000 Valor (gold) to buy all upgrades and 1.202.000 for all executions.

    Making a very complicated calculation we discover that we will need 2.000.000 of cucuzze to unlock everything. The first tip is to buy the XP boost for executions now and use it as much as possible. In this way, two full games should be enough to collect the necessary sum.

    If at the end of the second game you still have money to go to 2 Million, then the fastest way is to load Chapter 1 and get to the end of the bridge, then reload from the checkpoint and repeat. Depending on your skill with the executions and how high the maintained multiplier will be, you could get to earn from 60.000 to 100.000 Valor every 5 minutes. In addition to this advice to also follow the guide to earn easy XP.

    Collect the sum, buy the last remaining executions and upgrades, then start a game to unlock the Achievement.

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