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Killzone Shadow Fall: Collectible Guide [PS4]


The most passionate completists arrive in the new generation of Sony in search of the collectibles of Killzone Shadow Fall. Here is the guide to find them all, absolutely all.

Guide comics, dossiers, audio logs and newspapers

Killzone Shadow Fall collectibles are 98 in total. In detail we have 35 Audio Logs, 19 Dossiers, 9 Newspapers and 35 Comics and only by finding them all will we be able to unlock the "Knowledge" Trophy.

Before leaving you to videos that show chapter by chapter where to find all the collectibles, remember that in the game menu you can check at any time which ones you have already taken and which ones you are missing. From the "Select chapter" menu you can do the same thing, as well as replay any chapter to recover any skipped collectibles.

After collecting a collectible, always remember to reach the next checkpoint to save the game, otherwise the object will not be saved among those collected. Remember that the Killzone Shadow Fall Trophy Guide, to unlock all game achievements.

By clicking on the following links you will find videos showing the location of the collectibles in each chapter, good luck!

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