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    Guide camouflage weapons of COD Ghosts

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    Call of Duty Ghosts: how to unlock weapon camos [GOLD camouflage + more]


    Also in Call of Duty Ghosts we have the possibility to unlock different types of camouflage coloring for weapons. Let's see what they are and how they unlock.

    Guide camouflage weapons of COD Ghosts

    Let's say it right away to get rid of the thought: unlike Black OPS 2, in Call of Duty Ghosts it does not seem to have the much loved ones camouflage with Diamonds. If you have survived such a drama, let's go ahead to find out how to unlock all the other camouflages to equip on weapons.

    Below you will find the complete list with all the camouflages that can be unlocked and the related objectives that must be achieved to unlock them (always using the weapon for which you want the camouflage).

    Remember that any type of camouflage can be combined with any weapon, but you must first complete the required challenge using that particular weapon. For example, if you get 75 kills with the pistol you will get the Snow camouflage for the gun, but to apply this camouflage to the M4 as well, you will have to do 75 kills with the M4 rifle. Clear, right? here they are

    Snow Camouflage: 75 kills.

    Mimetica Brush: 75 kills while crouched.

    Autumn Camouflage: 35 assist.

    Ocean Camouflage: 20 rescue kills.

    Camouflage Stairs: 100 kills spying from the wall.

    Red Camouflage: 150 kills without accessories on the weapon.

    Caustic Camouflage: 3 kills in a row without dying 25 times.

    Crocodile Camouflage: 40 long range kills.

    Green Camouflage: 40 uccisioni point blank.

    Net Camouflage: 500 kills.

    Camouflage Trail: 35 kills immediately after reloading.

    Forest Camouflage: 15 kills immediately after performing a slide.

    Gold Camouflage: unlocks after unlocking the previous 12 camouflages.

    Mimetica Body Count: Win a Clan War in the GOLD division or higher.

    Death Kiss Camouflage: your Clan reaches level 23.


    Before leaving, I recommend a video that shows all these beautiful camouflages in action on weapons. Consult the fact sheet Call of Duty Ghosts cheats and guides for other useful guides on this game.

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