GTA 5: Violence Guide [I Saw There Red]

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GTA 5: Violence Guide [I Saw There Red]


The missions called GTA 5 "Violence" they are quite similar in approach to those of strangers and fools. Unlike the latter, however, the violence can be found and carried out just playing with Trevor. In this guide we see where they are and how all the violence is completed.

The Violence to complete to unlock the trophy / achievement "I saw red there: Complete all Violence "total of 5. The first becomes available after completing the main story mission" Trevor Philips Industries ". Immediately after completing it, no new ones will appear until you complete the" Friends Reunited "mission. "and you will then have acquired the ability to change characters again (remember that you can ONLY find Violence with Trevor).

Consult the fact sheet GTA 5 cheats and guides for other guides, below you will find instead a couple of videos that show where it is possible to initiate all violence. Remember that during these missions the wanted level will always remain at a minimum.

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