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GTA 5: Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all Grand Theft Auto V Trophies.

Remember to consult the sheet GTA 5 cheats and guides for other guides that will be very useful to get to complete the game 100% and discover all its secrets.

GTA 5 Platinum Guide

- Cast gold, baby!
Earn 70 gold medals in main missions and in strangers and madmen missions.
Only the missions of the main story are 69, together with those of the unknown and crazy you get over 100 missions. Get the gold medal in 70 of them to unlock this trophy. Also follow the guide to get the GOLD medal in all main missions for more help.

- Career in crime
Complete the game 100%.
Here you will need a lot of time. To find out what are all the things to do to get to the top, follow the guide to complete GTA 5 100%.

- San Andreas Explorer
Explore the entire Los Santos and Blaine County area.
San Andreas Island will be fully open and open to visitors from the very beginning, unlike the previous Grand Theft Auto game.
Since the game world will be explorable immediately, the city map will however be completely covered and you will have to discover it manually, playing through the story or moving around the game area in search of new areas and activities to do.
Once you have visited a certain section in the game world, on the map you will be able to clearly see the area you are visiting or have just discovered.
The best way to discover the map quickly would be to use a plane, because it covers a much wider view of the area and you can travel through areas that would be inaccessible with the car, without having to worry about traveling all the roads and paths.

- Follow that car!
Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private ride.
At some point in the story you will find yourself at a point in the main storyline where you can start buying properties around the city of Los Santos.
Owning a property not only allows you to use their services for free, but it will also be a great way to receive a lot of money per week for the use of your property.
To unlock this Trophy, you'll need to purchase the Downtown Cab Co., a taxi company located on Tangerine Street east of Vinewood.
This license will cost you $ 200.000 and can only be purchased from Franklin.
Now all you have to do is wait for the call from your boss Raul, who will order you to pick up a customer, do it and the trophy will be yours.

- TP Industries expands
Buy the McKenzie hangar and win the arms race.
During the game, using the character Trevor, you will have to complete the two story missions "Mr. Philips" and "Nervous Ron", before being able to buy properties around San Andreas; after completing the second mission, the game will inform you that it is possible to buy real estate in certain places on the map.
To unlock the Trophy, purchase the McKenzie hangar for $ 150.000.
Once purchased, you will be able to start undertaking traffic missions on behalf of Oscar, whom you will meet immediately after making the purchase.
Arms trafficking missions are carried out with 2 means of transport, the first is an airplane, while the second is a Dune Buggy BF parked outside.
You choose how to complete the mission to receive instructions from Oscar and after completing it you will have to spend some time before you can return and carry out the next one.
You will have 10 missions in total to complete and once all are completed, you will unlock the Trophy.

- Multidisciplinary
Get a gold medal in all sports and pastimes.
In GTA V, there are over 60 hobbies and pastimes available around San Andreas, but you don't have to do them all to unlock this achievement. Follow the driving for GOLD in all sports and pastimes.

- From deep space
Collect and deliver all parts of the spaceship.
For more help, please refer to ours guide to the pieces of the spaceship.

- A mystery solved
Solve the Leonora Johnson mystery.
For more help, please refer to ours guide to the mystery of Leonora.

- Waste management
Buy the old dock and recover all the nuclear waste.
For more help, please refer to ours guide to nuclear waste.

- I saw red there
Complete all Violence.
For more help, please refer to ours guide to violence.

- Exhibitionist
Complete all the crazy stunts.
For more help, please refer to ours guide dedicated to crazy stunts.

- Kifflom!
Walk all the way down the road to enlightenment ... or not.
To unlock this Trophy the process is quite long, so follow the guide to unlock Kifflom!.

- Three men, one army
Endure 3 minutes with a 3-star suspicious level with the 3 characters together not on a mission.
You can attempt to unlock this trophy immediately after completing the "Mr. Philips" mission, as after finishing it you will finally have the opportunity to use all three characters.
When you want to spend some time with them, open the phone and access the address book; now call or one of your partners and you will be able to select "meeting / meeting", always remember that the other 2 characters may not always be available, because they are busy carrying out various activities, so when you have a free moment take the opportunity to try to call them until they are both free.
Once you have set a meeting with one of the two, a new icon will appear on your map, that is the location of the person you just called and is waiting for you, go there to pick it up and then repeat this operation for the other character, making sure you have a 4-door car, otherwise you won't be able to transport all of them.
To try to unlock the Trophy you will need to get at least 3 suspicious stars, resisting for at least 3 minutes with the 3 characters.
The simplest method, of course, is to either kill a police officer or go through an access zone at an airport, both of these methods will immediately lead to 3 stars, however it is recommended to drive past the airport for a larger chase.
As soon as you have the necessary level of suspicion, stay around the area, continuing to drive until the three minutes have passed and you have unlocked the Trophy.
Since the area around the airport contains little or no artificial intelligence and there is a lot of open space, this method is by far the most efficient, rather than failing to hit the crowded streets of Los Santos.

NOTE: Try to unlock this trophy BEFORE the last few missions in the story, because if you unlock the gold medal for the "something sensible" and "time has come" missions, you will not be able to get this trophy.

- More or less I'm getting by
You will need a bigger boat ...
You can get this trophy anywhere in the game.
First, go to the coast / beach and get on a boat or any other vehicle, such as jet skis.
Now drive towards the ocean until the color of the water is dark blue, as it will be easier to come across sharks. You will know that a shark is close to you when a red dot appears on the mini-map, similar to enemies.
Approach him, dive into the water and wait for him to eat you; after he gives you a few bites, you will unlock the Trophy.

- Selfless Acolyte
Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Sect.
As the story progresses, while proceeding normally through the city, you will sometimes notice a notification on the mini-map, such as a white flash followed by a flashing red / blue dot.
This notification indicates that a random event is taking place and to activate it simply get close to it and everything will start automatically.
They range from catching a thief, to shootings against some gang, to passing a hitchhiker or a drunk, etc. To unlock this trophy, you must wait for the random encounter "hitch" or "drunk driver."
When you charge the Unknown Citizen, you will have the opportunity to offer it to cannibals at the Altruists' Camp in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness (Northern Blaine County).
You will receive an on-screen notification informing you to take it there and an "A" icon on your map will appear.
If you set your custom goal to the course, you can follow the new purple route instead of the yellow route automatically set by the game.
Once you get to the camp, Trevor will accompany him to the main gate, where the poor fellow will be placed properly, once the mission is completed you will unlock the Trophy.

- Cooked hands
Spend over $ 200 million on all three characters.
There is a really quick way to boost this. At the end of the game, you will have around $ 20.000.000 (unless we really squandered it all). Open your mobile phone and go to the "money and services" tab on the stock exchange's LCN website. Now invest all your money in stocks and then immediately sell it back. If you do the operation quickly you will not lose anything, and you can repeat it several times to raise the value of the money spent in the statistics, up to 200 million and unlock the result.

Alternatively, consult the guide to earn money in GTA 5.

- Finance magician
Make a profit on your total stock market investments.
To unlock this simple achievement, open your mobile phone and log on to the Internet.
From the home page, select the item "Finance & Services" and choose the first site available or in general the one you want, all are fine.
Open the site page, choose the "Markets" option and buy a stock exchange that is on the rise; you can check if a stock market is rising thanks to a green arrow (in positive sign), while the red one (in negative sign) means that its shares are falling.
You can buy as many shares as you like, but you only need one to unlock the trophy.
It will be necessary to wait at least 12 hours of play, then go back to the page of the financial site, click on "My catalog" and sell some shares, making sure that the current valuation of your share is in green, so that from its sale you can get something , because otherwise if it were in the red you would lose something compared to the initial purchase price.
Once the title is sold, you will unlock the Trophy.

For more help also follow the guide to earn on the stock market your GTA 5.

- Pumped weapons
Fully customize a weapon.
this trophy can be done easily, after completing the fourth story mission, when you get a chance to control Michael, outside the dealership.
At this point in the story, it will have around $ 7.500.
Find the nearest ammu-nation store and talk to the clerk when you arrive.
He'll show you some weapon models, but you don't have to buy anything, because you already own the gun, so just buy all five upgrades for it and the Trophy will unlock.
In total, buying everything will cost you about $ 3.381, you will have to buy and equip:

- Extended Charger: $ 387
- Flashlight: $ 472
- Silencer: $ 1822
- Army tint: $ 100
- LSPD tint: $ 600

Alternatively, if you have a Rockstar Social Club account and your account is tied to it, you will be given the option to get (for free) a good (Assault SMG) gun, and all grafts will be available at no cost, you just have to buy the colors.

- Wanted: alive or alive
Deliver a wanted fugitive alive.
"Recovery" missions (bail missions) are only available to Trevor.
After finishing his first mission, "Mr. Philips", immediately after, you should see an orange question mark, the one that activates the strangers / fools missions.
On this occasion, you will meet Maude, who will regularly send you some e-mails about targets to be recovered.
From the first mission you will be able to unlock the Trophy, you will have the task of capturing Ralph Ostrowski, who will be located in the middle of the Davis Quartz Quarry.
This area is southeast of Trevor's house, once you get to the quarry, go through the entrance and go straight, you should now see a set of train tracks, on your left and a crossroads should appear soon after. , take the road on the right, at the next fork, go right again and finally up the hill.
After you find it, it will escape, remember that you must take it absolutely alive, so chase it and shoot its tires to get it out of the car.
Get him to follow you, then get back in the car with Ralph.
Go back to Maude and you will unlock the Trophy.
If you missed the chance to get this trophy with the first mission that's not a problem, as you will be able to take other characters alive.

NOTE: There are only a limited amount of objectives to capture, Maude will give you around 7, so this Trophy is hypothetically missing, but you shouldn't have too much trouble getting it.

- Los Santos Customs
Fully customize a vehicle.
After the "Father / Son" story mission, you can begin customizing vehicles at Los Santos Customs workshops.
These shops will be marked on the game map with the classic spray can icon.
Since every car can be easily modified without any problems, there is no mandatory vehicle to use, bring us the one you like best.
To unlock the Trophy just make sure to purchase each upgrade for all the sections available in the car customization menu.
To successfully complete all the available changes you will need at least $ 40.000, otherwise if you choose the more expensive upgrades the figure will become exorbitant.
It is advisable to attempt to unlock this trophy immediately after Ron's mission, provided by Maude, as at that point in the story you should have at least $ 100.000 to spare if you haven't spent it previously.
The Trophy might be buggy, but in reality you have to pay close attention to what you buy, since you will have to buy every update for all the available categories, do not leave anything out.
You also need to make sure you buy every accessory for the wheels and tires, so you'll need to buy all available wheels and tires, both bulletproof and smoke-free.
The same goes for paints and for vehicles that have a secondary color available.

- For a hair
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.
For more help, please refer to ours guide to challenges.

- Just landed
GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.
When launching GTA V online for the first time, you will be prompted to create your character using various settings, such as attributes and appearance changes.
After completing the customization go to "Save and continue" to start your online experience.
There will be a short scene together with Lamar, with him driving through the city and informing you about all the activities that the city offers or the people that can be found around San Andreas.
Once we get out of his car, the achievement will unlock.

- Cheap gangsta
GTA Online: Reach level 25.
For more help, refer to the "Above the Law" result.

- I do things, I see people
GTA Online: Reach level 50.
For more help, refer to the "Above the Law" result.

- Above the law
GTA Online: Reach level 100.
Any activity carried out in GTA Online such as missions, races, deathmatches, etc, will earn you RP points. Your level will increase as the RP points you earn increase. To reach level 100 you will need exactly 1.584.350. All you have to do is keep playing GTA Online until you reach this threshold.

- Number one
GTA Online: Finish first in all types of competitive matches.
There are different types of challenges you will encounter during your adventure within GTA Online.
Some will be available from the start, while others can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level. Do not worry about winning these challenges against other players, as it is also possible to play together with friends, (when you have the required number of players to start the competition) try it quietly together with them to make the unlocking of this achievement, much more. simple.
Most tasks require only two players, while others will require four.
Below, you can find the list of all types of challenges that you must win in order to achieve this:

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Street race
- Race in the air
- Race in the water
- GTA Race
- Rally race, as driver (4 players required)
- Rally race, as co-driver (4 players required)
- 10 waves in survival mode (4 players recommended)
- Arm wrestling
- Darts
- Golf match (a single hole match can also be set)
- Tennis (a match with only one set can also be set)
- Hit the targets at the shooting range
- Cover the targets at the shooting range
- Random targets at the shooting range

You may also need to complete these challenges, in case the achievement isn't unlocked right away:

- Best player in a Team Deathmatch
- Win a race with a custom vehicle
- Go from last place to first and win in every race
- Set a world record in a race
- Make the fastest lap in a race
- Win all kinds of race modes at least once
- Hit all targets in a shooting range challenge

- Midnight Club
GTA Online: Use custom vehicles and win 5 races.
After completing the first few jobs during your online experience, Simeone will call you and tell you to take a vehicle to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop in order to insure it.
Steal any vehicle (even if a fast sports car or muscle car is suggested, as it will have more power and speed), and take it to the shop.
There, you will be able to completely customize the vehicle and add a couple of modifications which will all be free thanks to the good Simeon.
When you leave the shop, you will be informed that it is now possible to compete in street races around San Andreas.
Open the game world map and choose a road race from those available.
Set the goal on the one you have chosen and go to start the race.
When you arrive, you will notice a small blue circle, near the start of the race; get out of the car and continue on foot, up to the inside of the circle to start the race.
In the race settings menu, change the laps to 1, also choosing the type of vehicle, depending on which car model you have decided to use, (sport, muscle, motorcycle, SUV, etc.) and make sure that the custom-built option , is activated.
Now invite a friend to the race and during the choice of the vehicle, make sure that the vehicle with which you have decided to race is the car that you have customized in the workshop and, once the race has started, communicate to your friend, asking him to let you win the race.
When it is finished, it will be possible to vote to repeat the same race; get another 4 wins and the result will be yours.

- Unnatural selection
GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.
In order to unlock survival mode, you must have reached at least level 15.
During your online experience, shortly after meeting Trevor, Ron will call you and show you some places, with the possibility of unlocking the result.
By opening your game world map, find the closest area, marked with a shield with the cross and start the game.
It is advisable, before starting any survival game, to set up the match, in order to make it easier to survive all 10 waves:

- Make sure you have at least 4 friends playing with you, in order to completely fill the available spots, the difficulty level will increase with the level of the new wave, so the more people there are, the better you will be on the battlefield.
- Always use the various covers that the map offers, collect weapons, ammunition and above all the armor, which will provide you a little extra help when there are many enemies.
- Boneyard is the best map to play on, as it will be very large, you will be able to fend off enemies from afar with a good sniper rifle.
- Communication is key, so make sure all your teammates have microphones they can interact with when needed.

- Gold co-pilot
GTA Online: As a co-driver, finish first in a rally mode race.
This racing mode can only be played if there are at least 4 participants. Start a normal land race, then in the settings put the rally race. Set your friend as a pilot, while you have to choose the role of co-pilot. In this very fanciful mode the co-driver is the only one who can see the checkpoints that indicate the route of the race, so it will be the co-driver to indicate where to go to the driver. Win a rally race as a co-driver to unlock this achievement.

- Run like the wind
GTA Online: Survive for a day with a bounty on your head.
To unlock this achievement you will need to have a friend who is at least level 10 and has at least $ 2.000. With these requirements your friend will be able to contact Lester and place a bounty on you, here's how to proceed.

Create a private lobby and play with your friend. Your friend will need to call Lester and use the option to place the bounty on you (must be at least $ 2.000). Now all you have to do is wait for 24 hours to pass in the game (it's about 30 real minutes) WITHOUT DIE and you will unlock the result.

Remember that time freezes if you start any business, so you have to hang around the city doing nothing (or wait in your apartment if you have one). Avoid leaving the player stationary because after a while you will be expelled for inactivity.

If you don't have a friend to do it you have to wait and keep playing hoping that some stranger will do it on you.

- Clean clean
GTA Online: Complete a Gang Attack without dying and killing at least 10 enemies.
Gang attacks will only be available after reaching at least level 18.
After reaching this rank, while walking around the city, you will sometimes notice a small red circle on the mini-map, indicating a gang attack, which can be initiated by approaching that location.
Please note that these red circles do not appear on the world, or on the game map when you pause, but can only be seen on the in-game mini-map, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk around Los Santos. Once you enter the circle, the game will begin.
During the match you will have to resist the countless waves of gang members, continuing to kill them until the area is clear.
To unlock the achievement, simply survive the entire aggression and get at least 10 kills without dying.

- Precious decorations
GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Medals.
There are a total of 85 rewards available, in the online Grand Theft Auto mode.
These rewards are essentially a set of small challenges ranging from getting a certain number of kills with a weapon to changing your gear a number of times or winning a few games of the different sports around San Andreas.
While most of the medals are ranked with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, there are exactly 22 challenges that will guarantee you a platinum upon immediate completion.
Once you have earned at least 30 platinum medals, the achievement unlocks.
Remember that you can always check your progress by going to: Pause> Statistics> Rewards.

- Master robber
GTA Online: Rob all 20 shops.
In the first tutorial missions of GTA Online you will be taught how to rob the shops in the city. Enter the shops marked on the map with the shopping basket symbol and threaten the clerk with a weapon to get the money. Do it for 20 shops and you will unlock the achievement.

- Have a nice stay
GTA Online: Experience everything Los Santos has to offer.
The world of San Andreas has a large number of activities to do during your online games.
Such activities can range from skydiving competitions, to a sports competition or even just simply going to the local barber shop.
Below, you will find a short list that illustrates the various activities that must be carried out to unlock the result. As with platinum medals, you can check your progress by going to: Statistics> Unlock> Progress.
You will notice that there are many more activities listed in the game menu than in this checklist, but the only activities that count towards the achievement are listed here.
Also, next to each activity, there will be a "No" or "Yes", which indicates whether you have completed that specific activity or not.
To unlock the result, all the activities present here must have a "Yes" mark.
Any activity marked here in italics currently indicates that it is not a confirmed activity to be completed, but it would not hurt to try to complete them in case the result does not unlock immediately:

- Racing a custom vehicle
- Drive in a Rally race
- Play a GTA race
- Play a road race
- Play a race on the water
- Parachuting
- Play a Deathmatch
- Play a Team Deathmatch
- Call helicopter support
- Modify a vehicle
- Get a haircut
- Get a tattoo
- To buy clothes
- Purchase a modification for a weapon
- Buy an apartment
- Buy a garage
- Invite a friend to GTA Online or GTA V
- Play a deathmatch with vehicles
- Play a cooperative mission
- Play a contact mission
- Play golf
- Play tennis
- Play darts
- Play at the shooting range
- Place a bet
- Challenge someone in a 1 vs 1 deathmatch
- Participate in an arm wrestling competition
- Buy a shop
- Buy a nightclub
- Complete a gang attack
- Take a player wearing a bounty
- Survive with a bounty on
- Collect a weapon that has fallen to the ground

- Cut for the crew
GTA Online: Complete a task as a member of a crew.
Before attempting to unlock this achievement, first make sure you are a member of any crew on the Rockstar Social Club website.
You can join a gang through the game's pause menu, or you can form one with your friends.
Once everything is ready, to unlock the achievement, you will have to complete any activity available around Los Santos, such as a vehicle race or a mission; after successfully completing the job, the achievement will unlock.

- Robbed and reimbursed
GTA Online: Kill the Thief Who Robbed You.
Set up a private lobby with a friend who has reached at least level 50. Once you reach this level, you acquire the ability to hire a robber to rob a player of your choice. Your friend will then have to spend $ 1.000 to hire a robber who will come and rob you (it will be a CPU controlled character). You must have at least $ 5.000 cash in your pocket for this to work. After the character robs you, chase him and kill him to unlock this achievement.

- Dial a number
GTA Online: Call for reinforcements from the gang for the first time.
To unlock this achievement, you need to have at least a level 20.
After reaching level 10, Merryweather will contact you and inform you that from now on you can get some support, through the delivery of ammunition.
Once you get to level 20, you will receive another notification informing you that you have unlocked a support from the air, arriving at your location.
You will need to spend $ 5.000 to unlock this upgrade. After obtaining it, simply use the phone, call Merryweather and select helicopter support. The result is unlocked.

- The American Dream
GTA Online: Own an apartment, garage and insured vehicle. 
In the first tutorial missions of GTA Online Simeone will ask you to take a car to a Los Santos Customs workshop where he will explain how to modify the cars, how to install the alarm and also how to insure them. In the workshop menu options then choose to insure your machine.

As for the purchase of properties, remember that you can only do this after reaching level 5. When you are at this level, visit any property sales site and buy an apartment with garage.

Note: Several users report not having unlocked the result after buying a property directly from the sign displayed outside the property itself. So make sure you buy the apartment online, this way you shouldn't have any problems.


- This is Los Santos!
You confiscated a car and took it to the max in a sun-kissed metropolis.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- A resurrected friend
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Our daily bread
It's time for a little escape.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- The moment of truth
You found out the truth about Brad.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.
- I will live and die in Los Santos
You completed the last mission.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Hard as a diamond
You cleaned up the Vangelico jewelry shop to pay off your debt to Martin Madrazo.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Subversive
You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather ... and then you returned it.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Blitz
You performed a classic blitz.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Small town, big shot
You left an indelible memory of you at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- Those stupid feds
You recovered sensitive information from a closely guarded federal building.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

- The big shot!
It is no longer a dream.
Result linked to the story and impossible to miss, keep playing the main story to unlock it. Follow the walkthrough of GTA 5 if you have difficulty with any mission.

Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.

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